The Mission

Love and Generosity.  In Integrity.


At Sunrise Journeys, I bring my compassionate, open heart to the coaching relationship.  The coaching space is sacred, constructed through honest dialogue.  My training allows me to be present and deeply listen; hearing, seeing, and feeling what is being shared beyond words.

In generosity, I will share what my intuition notices, what my gut checks, and any other guidance I receive.  This sharing, too, is honoring the trust and love of the coaching relationship.

Sometimes, what I have to offer may be hard to hear, won’t land comfortably, or won’t feel like a fit.  In Integrity, I will not let either of us off the hook.  I will always give you what I’ve noticed; I will tell you what I have to tell you.

Anything less would be a disservice to you, me, and this sacred space.


You are the final arbiter.  It is always up to you, ultimately, to determine what and how to use anything I offer.