Programs & Offerings


Coaching Programs:

5/50/50–Someone’s celebrating a Birthday!

So, for the next month (through March 15), you can sign-up for the DEAL of the Half-Century!


This will be good for five coaching sessions, in-person or via telephone. The coaching can be structured toward one of my existing coaching programs, or individually tailored to your needs.

Five 50-minute sessions @ $50/each


**My Newest Coaching Program**

You Can Do Anything!

Part 1: Seeing Yourself as a Magical Being with Unlimited Potential—

We will discuss how we find freedom when we stop qualifying the joyful things we do.  There are often Old Stories and Old Rules that keep getting in our way, so we’ll spend some time dismantling those.  Then, I’ll ask you to begin dreaming about what you want to do with Your Newfound Potential.


Part 2: Spiritual Discipline—

This session will begin where the last session ended—Your Dreams!  You get to describe your dreams as vividly and specifically as possible, tapping into all five senses.  There are NO LIMITS—Anything Is Possible!

We will also spend some time in this session strategizing against resistance.  Self-doubt and self-sabotage can surface, trying to keep us living small.  We will talk self-awareness and self-care.

Finally, I will help you create a sustainable daily spiritual discipline, to renew and recharge your Spirit with the highest energy and intention.  The idea is that the energy that you feel when you tap into your dreams—we want you to connect with that regularly, and let that fuel your creativity and determination.  When your heart is full, your mind is positive, and your soul is invigorated, you know you are the best version of you, and you can give full effort to your goals and dreams.


Part 3: Evaluating the Experiment—

In this session, we will start by evaluating how things are working for you.  How is the spiritual discipline going for you?  Have you been creating and taking action?  What’s not working?

For this to work, the goal is not achieving some static perfection, but to stay in perpetual creative response—to play Warmer/Colder, and move forward with what you learn from all the feedback you are receiving.

This session is about honing and refining Your Practice, and making sure you are pointing toward Your True North.


Part 4: Your Higher Purpose—

We are going to talk about CHOICE.  Once you begin to understand how free you truly are to do ANYTHING, you realize that you get to choose.  This is the ULTIMATE FREEDOM!

So, WHAT will you choose to do with your magical life?  We’ll take a look at your goals; we’ll chat about what it means to serve the world and fulfill Your Higher Purpose; and, we’ll start to plot the path for your Journey Ahead!

You Can Do Anything!

4 Sessions (60 minutes) for $599


Pathfinder—You aren’t where you want to be, and you’re ready to change that!

6 Sessions (60 minutes) for $750 ($125/session)

            12 Sessions (60 minutes) for $1200 ($100/session)


Deep Dreaming and Creation—You know exactly where you want to go, you’re ready to begin, and you want the support, strategy, energy, and creativity that I offer!

6 Sessions (70 minutes) for $1050 ($175/session)

            12 Sessions (70 minutes) for $1800 ($150/session)


Local Offerings:

Coaching Walks—We will meet and share a walk outside for our coaching conversation!

3 Sessions (90 minutes) for $480 ($160/session)


Lebanon Spirit Walks—Free weekly contemplative hikes, offered through Meetup—