The Vision

To Stand In Your Power!


I’ve chosen an image that, for me, represents Standing In My Power.

Imagine a musician, this trumpet player, tapping in to his creativity, spirit, talent, and joy.  He is playing freely and fearlessly, and all those who hear what he is spontaneously creating are receiving and enjoying.  Everyone is elevated through this courageous, creative act.


The Vision at Sunrise Journeys Life Coaching is for you to Stand In Your Power.

We’ll start by rediscovering your passions and joys, and we will strategize how you can set yourself free to spend more of your time and energy doing the things your heart yearns to do.

We will outwit and outmaneuver the fears, doubts, and gremlins that will absolutely show up, trying to scare you back into a world of Old Thoughts and Old Rules that no longer serve you.  We will use inquiry, heart, and passion to keep you motivated and on course.

We will develop your spiritual discipline so you regularly connect with your heart and purpose.  Being firmly rooted in Your Heart and Purpose is what allows you to Stand In Your Power.


This is not “fake it ‘til you make it.”

I’m talking about making your decisions based on the deep answers you hear from your heart.  All the time.

This takes practice.  And, to continue practicing takes discipline.

Like anything, the more you practice it, the better you will get.


And, when you are guided by the deep answers from your heart, you will be motivated and in your truth.  You will be connected to your creativity, spirit, talent, and joy.  You will feel free and fearless.  What you create will radiate love, and it will lift all those around you.

That Is Standing In Your Power!