The Tether of Me Through Time

We are curious creatures—always desiring better; at the same time, thinking the status quo is easiest.

This is the reality of our Spirit—a desire for deep understanding and relationship for what is; yet, also experiencing the luscious pull toward adventure and growth, the unspoken invitation to the unlocking of more and better.

The latter exemplifies our relationship with HOPE.  Intangible.  Outside of the now.  Unknown and uncertain.

It is our human nature to imagine the more and the better, and HOPE is the tether connecting us to that future.

So—What is the PULL?

I believe that is our Future Self, settled in and happy, knowing what lies awaiting us in this future, unknown land.  A Future Self who knows we are strong enough and resilient enough to survive all the challenges from here to there.  Recognizes, even, how necessary those challenges ARE on our time-journey, for us to become who we will be; to become that Future Self.

From where I am right now, I look back.  I look back to eight year-old me; fifteen; twenty-five; even forty.  I’m remembering to pull the tether right now, for them; letting them know that it’s REALLY GOOD here.  Letting them know that we’ll MAKE IT.

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