A Question of Peace or Freedom

Here’s what I received after my Guides asked me a question this morning—


Dear Spirits, I want to admit to you that I love peace—peaceful moments and a peaceful life.


Which is more important to you—peace or freedom?


Wow—that is a question!  What comes to mind first is my need to feel peaceful.  That is a definite priority, and a sensation that registers quickly.  If I lose my sense of peace, I notice it right away, and I now quickly make choices and choose actions to restore peace in my life.

I can see how I regard freedom differently; which is why your question is so valuable.  I think I have a great degree of freedom, and so I take it for granted.  But, I also think that the areas where I don’t currently have freedom, to a great extent I have become so accustomed to it and have programmed myself to accept it, that I hardly notice my lack of freedom at all.  That, in itself, has a lot for me to think about.

But, when I push myself to imagine living under some new tyranny, where there’s a new freedom I have more obviously lost—like going where I want to go, doing what I want to do, or even writing what I want to write—if a freedom like that was taken, I think I would feel the need to act to regain it.

And, I realize, that could require temporarily upsetting the peace.  It’s an interesting choice, whether to sacrifice peace in the quest for freedom, or to sacrifice one’s sense of freedom to preserve the peace.

This is not simply hypothetical, I realize.  As I already stated, from the moment the question was asked, I realized that there already exists areas where I have not been, and am not free.  Now that I’ve seen this, how do I continue on?  Do I simply stay the course, hoping I forget the prison walls I’ve seen, that they will fade back into the landscape?  Or, do I disturb the peace, questing for deeper and greater freedom?

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