What Do We Get with Life?

Hello Dear Ones,

So, I received this message this morning in my writing, and I was guided to pass it along, because it was needed to be shared.


Life is beautifully simple.  We artificially complicate it, worrying about mini-dramas and fretting after such petty, unimportant goals.

What do we get with Life?  Life is our opportunity to experience Love in many forms.  The giving and receiving of Love.  Connection; belonging; relationship.

We also get the chance to explore our Sense of Self.  Who are we?  Of what are we capable?  What are our natural gifts and abilities?  What are our limits?  What is our Divine Purpose?

This is the dance we get to experience, the ride to which we already bought our ticket.  Part of the deal is that it’s not a smooth ride, because that would be pretty boring.  We bought our tickets on this ride, because we knew it would be an adventure.  There would be joyful times, but also tough times.  Times that would take our breath away, and times where we thought our heart would break.

The moments and experiences that challenge and stretch us are precisely the ones we sought, knowing those moments are the ones that test us the most, invite us to look deeper inside ourselves, and to find The Divine within us that is Greater than us.

We are spiritual, magical beings, but it’s only when we’re pushed beyond our ordinary lives that we’ve been navigating in our ordinary forms, that we discover how much More we are; we discover The Divine Within.

Our Lives are a gift.  Spend some time being grateful.

3 thoughts on “What Do We Get with Life?

  1. I’m grateful for this post! I can barely navigate life and these first holidays without my beloved husband, Tim. Your thoughts remind me that there is a Devine plan and with faith I will eventually emerge from this darkness and find my Devine within.
    Blessings, Roberta

    1. Dear Roberta,
      I’m glad this message found you. Loss is challenging, and I know it can magnify around the holidays.
      It’s ALL love. The connection you have with your husband, and the Divine Love within you and all around you. Know that you are seen, held, and loved.
      Please, let me know if there’s a way I can help.

      Love & Light, Ray

  2. i know that u r still looking to make sense, and peace, and goodness in the face of your loss. for those reasons…i love u dearly. u r my inspiration!

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