The Problem Is

Kindness, generosity, and honesty are what I bring to the conversation.


I want to do my part to build a better world, and I think that starts by changing the hierarchy, and expecting men to do better and be better.


The problem is, men aren’t willing to relinquish the reins and hand them over to those who can do better, by doing good.


Men still think it’s all about power.  That war can be won—whether it’s in the war room or the board room.


I want to talk to the ones who are going to change this world and save us.  I want to talk to women!


A lot of men spend all their time fighting and afraid, because the system we’ve created seems to reward that.  Of course, that’s a falsehood.  Because, even when you win, you have to worry about the next challenger.  You live under constant threat, and the only way to feel safe is to destroy everyone else.


What kind of society has that created for us?


I believe that deep within each of us—men AND women—we want to feel seen and heard; we want to be valued; and, we want to feel safe and protected.  We want to be loved and loving, and we want to feel connected and not alone.


I have witnessed the energy and majesty of the loving, open heart.  Amazing women have shown me a different power—a power for GOOD; a power for CHANGE.


I believe women are going to lead the way and save the day.  Because they have been practicing compassion a lot longer.


Now, I don’t believe that compassion is a feminine virtue; that women are predisposed to it.  Many men are awakening to the opening of their hearts, feeling compassion for their fellow humans, and creating the connections that form a healthy society.


I’ve been called to start a conversation with women, to give straight and honest answers to the questions you have about the men in your lives—sons and fathers, friends and co-workers, husbands and ex-husbands.


Because, I believe, the more you understand what we’re thinking and feeling when we’re doing what we’re doing, the more able you are to respond in a way that is strong and honest for you.  That expects and insists on more from us.


I know it’s a lot to ask.  But, I’ve changed, and I’ve seen other men change.


If you are curious about why men really do what we do, and you feel called to be a part of the change, I invite you to join my conversation.  You can email me at for further information.


Ladies, we need your strength and leadership.  So, let’s talk!

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