What Should You Do?

(from the Co-Conspirator Files)


Today, a follower of my daily “Centering Thought” posts asked me, “Should I just move to each new thought each day; or, if a thought really grabs me, should I stay with it until I’ve gotten everything from it?”


Great question, right?


Have you wondered that same thing?  Or, when you read that question, do you immediately hear an answer?


I told my friend he wasn’t going to like my answer.  He challenged, “Doesn’t that mean you’re prejudging me?”

“Yes, you’re right,” I replied.

So, I gave him my answer.  “You need to ask yourself what you should do, and follow that guidance.”

“You’re right,” he said.  “I don’t like your answer.”


His issue was that I’m here spouting thoughts every day; yet, my advice to him boiled down to—“You have your own answers.”


“Then, what do I need you and your daily thoughts for?”


Indeed.  That is the question.


And, here’s your Co-Conspirator’s answer—“You need it when it is helping you move forward!”


I’ve used this analogy before—working with a life coach like me is like working with a personal trainer when you want to get in better physical shape.

That physical trainer will probably provide you with exercises, nutrition information, and wellness strategies.  Most of it won’t be revolutionary; it will be a lot of things you already knew you could and probably should be doing to be in better shape.

The more important stuff the trainer provides is the partnership and accountability; belief and support; reinforcement and understanding; and, a personal design for where you are, mentally and physically.


Some ideas I offer as a life coach may be new to you, but a lot of what I will point out are things you already know.

What I will point out to you are the things that you CAN change in order to create the changes you seek.  Again, this often isn’t news to you.


What I deliver to my clients is a safe space to explore what you really want, and the environment to follow your heart and fulfill your desires.  We will design a discipline to keep you engaged with your TRUTH and PURPOSE, and build a practice to get better and stronger doing WHAT IT IS YOU LOVE TO DO.




And the best bow to stick on it all at the end is that you WILL KNOW, with this practice and discipline, WHAT YOUR HEART IS TELLING YOU TO DO.

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