Kindness is my Thing



Being KIND really fills my heart; it brings me joy to hold space for others, to really see and hear them, to hold my heart open so we can connect.


I feel courageous to show up in this world as a KIND MAN.  There is a vulnerability and tenderness in KINDNESS that isn’t often associated with being MANLY.


THIS is the WORK I do.

The Mission of my coaching practice is LOVE and GENEROSITY.  IN INTEGRITY.

I deliver a sacred and safe environment for our relationship; I show up with a kind and open heart; and, I will be forthright and generous with everything I have to offer.


I didn’t always feel strong enough and brave enough to be KIND; TO STAND IN MY POWER.


Back then, I ACTED like I had everything together; I felt like I had little control over my emotions, or the direction of my life.  I felt wounded and broken, and I did everything I could to mask that from everyone around me.


Then I started to learn that the only way for THINGS TO CHANGE was for ME TO CHANGE.


And, I did a scary, vulnerable thing—I admitted to myself that I didn’t know what or how to change.

I had a choice to make—so I did an even scarier, more vulnerable thing—I ASKED FOR HELP!


That began my journey working with guides and coaches to realize what I can control; how my Old Beliefs were imprisoning me in suffering; and, what my Divine Nature is.



By focusing on KINDNESS FOR ALL, and using KINDNESS as my guidance system, I have established PEACE and JOY in my life.


I am not perfect.  This is my practice.

And, by practicing, I am getting better and stronger, and it becomes easier and more natural.



SO, do you know what your DIVINE NATURE is?

I can help you hear the call of your heart, and start practicing WHO and HOW YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.


Are you ready to do something COURAGEOUS?

Please, Join In and Share--