What Will You Create?

I have a hunch about you.  I have a hunch

I think you can do just about anything you can imagine.


Now, most of the stuff you could try to do, you most likely wouldn’t excel at on your first try.  It would be messy.  Not pretty.  It would feel like it took too long.  It would seem really hard.  You’d look at it, and might think it sucked.

It definitely would not be perfect.


But, there would be a result.  That you created.


I have another hunch about you.  Just about anything you practice, with regular discipline, you get better at.


And, for a lot of those things, even with practice, you aren’t going to become perfect.  Not an expert.  Not a master.

But, with regular practice, just about anything you do—I bet you’ll get better.  It will feel a little easier.  Make more sense.  It will be a little more fun.  And, the results you create will improve.


So, here’s my first question—what are the things you’re not doing, because you’ve told yourself it was too hard, you were no good at it, and you just can’t do it?

I think you can do it.  And, I can help you in the trying; in developing your practice.


And, here’s my second question—if it’s true that you can get better at anything you practice, which will you choose:

—Will you do what comes easily for you, what you already do well and people recognize you for?

—Or, will you do the things that inspire and challenge you, that fill you with purpose, and that actually thrill you to practice?


Often the things we treasure most are exactly the things that didn’t come easily, that took the most effort; and, in return, they gift us with the most joy and fulfillment.


If you can choose to do anything and create anything—What will you create?

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