October 18, 2016—Day 291 (WD 572)


A Moment’s Pause, Divine Spirit!

We had rain overnight, and today begins overcast, with a warm, southerly wind blowing steadily, rustling the colored autumn leaves.  With the warm wind and skies clearing throughout the day, the temperature is expected to reach the mid to high 70’s.

I was just re-reading a bit of yesterday’s writing, which I don’t normally do.  In it, I mention thinking it a luxury to indulge in integrity.  That is rather poisonous, ego-fear, lizard-fear thinking – that it would be too dangerous and difficult, too challenging, and too selfish, to be honest.

Integrity, to me right now, seems like the removal of every mask, every ornament, and every piece of clothing and armor from around me.  There’s a huge feeling of vulnerability.

Dare I say it?  How do we feel, when we imagine ourselves laid bare in front of the whole world?

For me, it’s mostly terrifying.  All of my blotches, blemishes, and out-of-shape imperfections, right there to be seen; nowhere to hide.  I imagine the laughing and judgment, and my feelings of embarrassment and shame.

And, yet…  This is the crucible; the moment of real truth.

No amount of makeup; no masks, coverings, or armor will really make me feel whole and enough, if under it all I don’t believe my essential self is enough.

Practicing integrity allows us to find and see the Divinity within us – our Beauty and Truth.  Through the fire of the crucible, we can burn away our false doubts, beliefs, and multiplicities, and discover something new in our Naked Truth – Freedom!


Here’s a Prompt for you:

Getting naked is a metaphor for unveiling your True Self.  And, here’s a chance to play with that perhaps challenging, uncomfortable self-image.

Imagine yourself in front of a crowd, naked.  How does that make you feel in your body?  What thoughts, concerns, and fears show up for you?

Can you imagine a possible path where, once you got past your initial fears, you could feel free when there would be nothing left to have to hide?


We Are Set Free when we are in our Integrity and have nothing to hide!  My work in progress, Dear Guides!

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