October 14, 2016—Day 287 (WD 568)


To the Sunrise, O Highest Power!

This morning, there was a gap between the cloud cover and the horizon, and the dawn lavished the undersides of all those bulges and ridges with a spicy bright orange that reminded me of cinnamon.  But, the clouds were exiting, rather quickly, to the south.

Then, for the first time I can remember, I sat and watched the actual rise of the sun.  Moments before, I noted a point on the horizon brightening considerably.  In the moment just before it appeared, I realized that it must be the sun.  It’s surprising, how quickly the brilliant orb rose above the trees, revealing its entirety.  Its burning brightness made my eyes water, blinded me; yet, still I watched.

How have I not sat still enough to watch this experience, the full rise of the sun above the horizon – before, without interruption?

7:24 a.m.  That’s when the sun rose in my life this morning.  It took less than a minute from its first sliver blazing above the tree line, to the entire sphere to rise above, unblocked and revealed.

I thought it took longer.  I thought I couldn’t afford the time a sunrise would take.

I believe I invested wisely this morning.  This small, conscious act has delighted my mind, filled my heart, and soothed my spirit.

Walking The A.T. was like that – it allowed me to tune in to the simpler Honesty and Truth of My Life, to look past all the ornaments that we hang on the tree, so to speak, and remember and appreciate the beauty and gift of the tree herself.

How will you invest your time today?  Will you invest in yourself?


A Prompt for Today:

Dear One, what does it cost us to take these moments to gather ourselves, to reflect, to calm, and to center?  To notice and appreciate the simple, yet magnificent wonders around us?

And, what does it cost us to not do this?

When we take a moment and watch a leaf fall, listen to the rain or a song bird, watch the wind carry the clouds, or sit with the rising or setting sun, we honor and celebrate ourselves and our spirit, and we reconnect with the amazing world around us.


Not only can we afford these moments of reflection and celebration; we need them to remember and reconnect to our spirit and the World!  Thank you for this lesson, Dear Guides!

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