October 13, 2016—Day 286 (WD 567)


Shining Light, O Universe!

I’m up early for work this morning, and the eastern horizon has brightened just enough to cast the hills and trees in silhouette.  It looks like the sky is clear and cloudless, but the forecast calls for a 100% chance of rain later.

When we tune into our Personal Integrity and begin to follow that call, there are certainly some shifts that happen, some rewiring and reprogramming that occurs, and some old patterns and beliefs that will get discarded, because they no longer serve us.

My goal is not only to study living in my Personal Integrity and to make a practice of doing so, but to diagram and understand how and why this practice fits and connects with courage, fearlessness, curiosity, and vulnerability; with stillness, mindfulness, joy, and peace.

Each of these aspects calls to me, and I feel is essential; but, I also envision that they complement and strengthen each other in a deeper, profound framework, and I want to go deeper to discover those relationships and the underlying engineering.

Success is an example of the shift that happens.  Success often gets defined as achieving society’s goals, gaining others’ approval, and exceeding their expectations.  When we start living in our Personal Integrity, there’s the realization that that definition of success doesn’t fully align with our Integrity.

This gives us the opportunity to redefine what Success means to us, from a much more personal perspective.


Here’s a Prompt for your consideration:

Start by considering public figures that you consider successful.  What are examples of their success?  Create a list of twenty examples of public success.

Next, make a list of twenty examples of personal satisfaction for yourself.  Maybe it looks like 15 minutes of reading each night, or just getting the garbage put out each week before pickup; to owning your own home and having the job that enables you to pay the bills – whatever would give you a sense of personal accomplishment.

When you compare these lists side-by-side, are there items from each that match and are pretty similar?  Are there any items that are diametrically opposite?

This exercise can help us see where our images of public success and personal satisfaction align, and where they are discordant.  This information helps us to consider and rewrite our own definition of Success, and to align with our Personal Integrity.


Aligning with our Integrity causes us to see the same landscape in a new way, with new eyes.  It takes a little getting used to – Thanks for your patience and help, Dear Guides!

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