October 9, 2016—Day 282 (WD 563)


Gentle Peace, O Wise Spirit!

We are blanketed under a ceiling of gray clouds, with a texture like cotton batting.  It rained overnight and earlier this morning, from the look of things.

I sit leisurely this morning, sipping that wonderful first cup of coffee.  Looking out, I see that the trees in our valley and up the hill have grown bright and festive in their autumn colors.

I enjoy the glide of pen-tip over paper as I craft each letter of each word; each morning’s Sunrise Pages a co-created work of art accomplished at the outset of my day.

Friend, I always enjoyed writing, and I always admired writers.  It was probably a not-so-hidden secret that I loved the idea of becoming a writer.

The problem with that notion, as I saw it, was that I wasn’t “special” enough.  I was too ordinary to have anything interesting enough to share.  I was a “good” writer (many told me so), but I believed I wasn’t talented enough to warrant spending any real time writing.

Yet, here I am, writing every day.  I went from thinking that I couldn’t possibly find, or afford, the time it would cost to write; to putting it at the very start of my day, even getting up extra-early in order to get my writing done, when my schedule requires it.

Like everything else that I’ve discovered in my Soul-searching journey these last few years – To Write isn’t about being born “good enough” and a master right at the outset, or else don’t bother.  To Write (or do anything that your heart calls you to do) is about fulfilling the desire; answering the call; and, loving that thing enough that you dare to do it, even when you might do it badly.  Really badly, maybe, at first.

It’s about doing the things that fill you up!


Recently, there was a wonderful, insightful interview on NPR, with Kai Ryssdall speaking to Bryan Cranston, the actor probably best-known for his Emmy Award-winning role as Walter White in AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”

Cranston on growing up and being dubbed “Sneaky Pete” — “As a youngster, I would look for opportunities to avoid responsibility, accountability, looking for short cuts all the time.  And, at some point, it kind of clicked in with me, that if I just spent all this time and attention and effort towards actually doing the work, rather than trying to avoid the work, I’d be better off.  And, it turned out, that was a very thankful thing that I found, because it worked for me.”

And, Cranston, on the power of story-telling and his choice to become an actor — “At twenty-two years old, I had this epiphany, at that moment, that I would attempt to do something that I loved, which was acting, and try to become good at it; as opposed to doing something that I might be good at, but I didn’t love.”


Please consider this Prompt:

Dear One, do you want to write?  Have you always enjoyed crafting a piece of writing, gotten lost in time as you pursue the perfect word or phrase, just the right way to express what it is you want to say?

Take time now to write about your joy of writing.  Write about how you remember that joy developing; what setting helps you create your best writing; or how you feel while you’re writing, or when you’ve completed a piece of writing.

I’m developing a writing workshop; so let me know if you are interested in exploring your passion for writing, and share the story of Your Joy of Writing.


When we do the things that fill us up, we become our Whole, True Selves, to share with the World!  That’s a Big Yes, Dear Guides!

Please, Join In and Share--