October 8, 2016—Day 281 (WD 562)


Glorious, Dear Creator!

I’ve been sitting and watching the dawn this morning, Dear One.  I awoke to the invitation of a bright sliver of glowing orange on the eastern horizon.  We have a clear sky, with no fog, for once.

As the brightness to the east-southeast grew, some wispy clouds to the south turned bright, deep orange like the embers of a campfire.

Now, curiously, fog has formed to the east, blocking out any view of the actual sun.

And, the last couple nights have had clear skies, and the constellations in the sky have dazzled.  There’s a timelessness with which I connect when I star-gaze.  It reminds me of being a young kid, amazed at how many stars were held in the night sky.

Then, when I was older, there was the summer I spent camping out in the backyard night after night, lying out and reading a guide book to the night sky.  The guide book was filled with names, descriptions, and stories about the constellations overhead, and I would read the guide and study the sky until I was sleepy, then crawl into my tent for the night.

The stars also draw me across time, connecting me to all the souls who have also gazed up at night, through the thousands and thousands of years, feeling the same wonder and connection, and the curiosity over the vastness and the how and why of the Universe, and of themselves.

In those frozen moments outside of time, I can imagine them and almost feel them, looking up and seeing just about the same as what I am seeing; and, I wonder if they might have imagined and felt me, as well.

Here’s a Prompt for you to consider:

Nature can unlock a doorway, opening to a deeper understanding for the world around us; and, it invites us to consider our place and role in this world.

This can be the magic conjured at your sit spot.  Have you spent time there recently?  Why not make time this week, even this day, to spend in meditation at your sit spot, and help yourself find yourself?


The reminder of all that is Greater than me; but, of which I am also part.  Sacred.  Thank you, My Dear Guides!

One thought on “October 8, 2016—Day 281 (WD 562)

  1. Last night I saw the beautiful full moon as I came home from bingo and I remarked to my friends to stop and see it. Then I went on computer and Ted had posted a picture of the moon. I wondered if you were also looking at it. Then I read this blog that you wrote about the stars and your backyard experience. Loved it

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