October 7, 2016—Day 280 (WD 561)


Brightness, Abundant Universe!

We have fog and cool temperatures this morning, but it’s supposed to clear and hit the high 70’s this afternoon.  Tomorrow, reality returns, with showers and a stretch of significantly cooler temperatures.

I had a conversation with somebody yesterday, and that conversation was challenging, revealing, and enlightening.  I was trying to describe my effort and intention to see the light and love around me, and to see the wonders in my life, versus what I consider my old programming – where I believed life is against us; bad stuff always happens; and, we are constantly challenged, knocked down, and climbing and clawing our way out of a hole.  In that world, struggle was constant, and any brightness was only for a moment, before the next disaster would steamroll it.

What was really informative was what I experienced and understood in our conversation.  When I talked about seeking a mindset that is positive, where I can see wonder, possibility, and goodness everywhere, I got a luke-warm, head/not heart “Sure, okay” response.

But, when I was discussing my old doom-and-gloom programming, I could feel how viscerally this person connected with that dark perspective.  “Yeah.  What’s the point?  Life is so hard.  There’s always something.”

I realized that I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by, identifying with, connecting with, and conspiring with – people with a doom-and-gloom attitude, who believe it’s safer to assume and expect the worst, and to play small, so that they hardly ever risk; and they keep the lowest of expectations.  And, those are the expectations that are usually met; no greater.

If you know what I’m talking about, and you’ve experienced that, but now want things to change and be different – I’ve got Good News!

There are people, right now in our world, who see the wonder of our world, and live each day in anticipation and delight.

And, it’s not because their world is perfect, or that they are perfect.  It’s because they accept the reality of What Is, rather than expect that it should be anything else; and, they make the choice and effort to live authentically.  So, the brightness is the knowledge that they are doing their very best in each moment.

Those are my people, and I’m adding my name to that team!

So, if you’re looking for me, that’s where you’ll find me!


Please consider this Prompt:

Dear One, this is a return to that sense of boundaries.

If you want to focus on holding your heart open and following its still, soft voice, you probably won’t do that when you spend time with people who focus on negatives and create drama, causing you to shut down your heart in defense.

The choice you get to make is to spend time finding and being with the people who support and nurture Who You Want to Be.  “Just Who the Heck do You Think You Are?”


Finding our people, and being who we want to Be.  Sounds Wonderful!  Thanks, Dear Guides!

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