October 4, 2016—Day 277 (WD 558)


Good Morning, Dear Creator –

We had dark, cloudy skies this morning, with a splash of brightness to the south, before the clouds overtook that, as well.

I’m not feeling 100% this morning, waking early with a headache that is still lingering.  That’s unusual for me – since changing so much of my lifestyle, and especially finding more peace in my mindfulness practice, I’ve fortunately been pretty healthy.

But, I’m just going to take it easy and weather this little storm.  Once I get through my work, day, I can practice more self-care, getting some good rest.

I finally posted again last night.  It had been a stretch of days since I set aside the time to type up the next Sunrise Pages.  I’ve continued my daily writing practice; I had just taken a couple days off from my posting duties.  Then, it became more and more enticing to enjoy that time gained each day, so I continued to extend the break.

Ultimately, though, part of my return to posting was about integrity.  The intent of my Sunrise Pages isn’t met just by writing them; posting them is just as necessary to me.

Also, though, I truly missed the feeling of being in conversation with you, Dear One.  It’s a good feeling to share my stories and perspective with you, and to feel that it’s helpful or thought-provoking.

Another factor, admittedly, has been the introduction of what I hope invites and encourages actual conversation between you and me.  My first post back introduced my prompt to you – “Just Who the Heck do You Think You Are?”  This is a true invitation for you to step up and respond, so that we can engage in conversation.

This invitation carries vulnerability for me.  What if you don’t engage?  I hesitated, which, in part showed up in the gap between posts.

But, if I don’t put the invitation out in the world, you never get that opportunity to dare to answer that question and tell me who you are.


And so, Today’s Prompt:

Dear One, when you ask yourself that question – “Just Who the Heck do You Think You Are?” – what answers emerge for you?

What is the brightest, fullest, most satisfying image you have of yourself?  And, how do you feel when you hold that image in your mind and heart?

Dare to listen, and to share that image with me; and begin to share your True Self with the world.



Daring to be who we are meant to be.  Fulfilling our Purpose.  It’s all right here.  Thank You, Dear Guides!

Please, Join In and Share--