September 29, 2016—Day 272 (WD 553)

Sunrise Pages September

Goodness, Dear Creator!

It’s another foggy morning in our valley.  The thick blanket of fog hangs in this morning’s air, seeming to suspend time.  There’s a look and feel of the fantastic – what magical world, what wonders and miracles exist in that realm?

Progress – it’s a tricky concept.  In most areas of our own development, we are often in a rush to reach mastery, because there we believe our rate of changing and learning is the least, and our sense of knowing, and feeling prepared and ready, is the greatest.

Yet, the only way to mastery is through the methodical preparations, repetitions, and experiences of trying, learning, and deep practice over time.  There are no short cuts.

The other day, I imagined seeing my progress as a display on a GPS unit, where I was represented as a little red car icon on the display map, and I could see where I was along the circuitous route I had to travel to reach my destination.  I had a mix of emotions – disappointment that I still had so far to travel; yet, an uplifting to know that my route would surely get me to my intended destination.

Perhaps, in that way, we are different than those brave adventurers who explored the earth before us.  We have more information, maybe more knowing.  We expect to know our route will get us to our destination; we are used to knowing how much farther and how much longer we need to go until we get there.

What about Columbus?  Lewis and Clark?  Maybe my spiritual journey is more like their physical ones.  Faith that another land lies across a grand ocean; or, another ocean lies across a grand continent.  They didn’t know how much farther or longer they needed to go.  They simply knew their heading and journeyed forth, creating their maps as they went.


And – Today’s Prompt:

Dear One, what is the destination you seek?

Imagine this, perhaps, as a blend of all the times I prompted you to write down alternate dream lives for yourself.

Sit, and imagine what your goal destination will be.  Describe the setting – what you see, hear, and smell, and how you feel to be there.

This will have two effects – it will clarify for you what matters to you and what you desire in your life; and, it will create a lightning rod of intention in the Universe, to draw you toward your destination.


Onward, in faith, adventure, and anticipation, My Dear Guides!  Thank You!

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