September 27, 2016—Day 270 (WD 551)

Sunrise Pages September

Warmest Greetings, Generous Universe!

A new day begins, overcast, with rain overnight.  The temperatures have cooled, the days are growing shorter, the leaves are changing, the nights have gotten frosty, and the air carries the scent of wood burning, as people fire up their wood stoves.

Fall in New England.  What a lovely time of year.  My plan is to continue getting outside this season, enjoying the transformations of fall.

There’s an interesting time-shift between what I write each morning, and what I then type up and post.  I’ve once again fallen days behind.  That gap can give me some separation from each day’s theme and direction.

As I write this, on September 27th, what I posted yesterday (September 23, 2016) discussed the boundaries we need in relationships, and how their use allows us to create and hold the proper space and distance to feel engaged in the relationship and community, without becoming embroiled in any drama.

This seemed to resonate with people.  I’ve found that articulating a thought like that can often be the seed that allows others to extend the thought with their own language and sentiment.  It can be the beginning, or continuation, of clarity and growth.

Regarding boundaries – I had this thought yesterday afternoon, building upon the responses of others – Which is worse: losing ourselves in the pursuit of trying to please everybody; or, accepting that there might always be someone who disagrees, when we show up as our True Self?

To me, it’s not success when we abandon our Integrity in order to please others and win their approval.  There’s still someone disconnected and lost – ourselves.  And, that is our business.


Now, a Prompt for you, for today:

Dear One, have you ever dared to really get still and sit with yourself, and list out what deeply matters to you and who you truly want to be?

We often shy away from taking this look, because it’s easy to jump right to shame about not being that.

Here’s the thing – it’s really about “Not Yet.”  In that space where you are uncomfortable about your “Not Yet,” try offering yourself some love and forgiveness; a little acceptance.

Hold that love and forgiveness until any shame dissipates, and you will see that your “Not Yet” is actually the Compass Needle to guide you to Who You Want to Be.


Love and forgiveness for the World means Loving and Forgiving ourselves, too!  Thanks for the reminder, Dearest Guides!

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