September 26, 2016—Day 269 (WD 550)

Dear One,

First, let me acknowledge the long gap since my last post.  I have been writing, but I was choosing rest and space over posting.  And, frankly, once I was out of the habit; well, setting aside time to post seemed more difficult and less inviting.

But, I have missed it, and I’ve missed you.  I miss feeling your eyes on my words, and the change in your heartbeat with some of the things I share, some of the stories I share and guidance I offer.

If you’ve been missing me, I hope you understand me taking some space; and, I appreciate you joining me again.

Peace, Dear One.

Sunrise Pages September

Resonance, Grand Universe –

It is a frosty morning, and the fog thickens and continues to settle in our valley.  Even the house next door is dissolving into mist.  What a wonder of a morning.

I recently shared a tweet from @MrsKatSulli asking – “We have ONE LIFE.  JUST ONE.  Why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams?”

When it’s put like that, Dear One, I find it tough to justify staying reserved, being prim and proper, worrying about fitting in, being accepted, and not making waves.

If not now – When?

Trying something new and different.  Investigating my passions and curiosity.  Daring to explore my creativity and self-expression.  Following my passions.

What do we wait for?

There’s this notion that if we just keep waiting, our life may just fall into place and make sense, so as to offer us the opportunity to then adventure and explore.

I’ll tell you what – I’ve known far too many people who kept waiting for a “GO” sign, and all they kept seeing was “Not Yet.”

I really believe the answer is to flip this whole thinking around.

Start right now taking on something new and different, daring to adventure and explore.  Instead of waiting – burst forth; sail away from the near shore; begin down some new, unmarked trail leading to unknown lands.

As you journey onward, and grow into your True Self, then your life will fall into place and make sense.


Here’s a Prompt for your consideration:

Get Unstuck and begin moving Onward!

Schedule a conversation with me, where you can tell me – “Just Who the Heck do You Think You Are?!”


Forward, Upward, Onward!  Being the change begins with that First Step!  Bless You, My Dear Guides!

Please, Join In and Share--