September 25, 2016—Day 268 (WD 549)

Sunrise Pages September

Welcome, Fall!

Grand Creator, it’s a brilliant, beautiful day.  And, it’s crisp, this morning – the temperature is just a few degrees above freezing.  Yes, Fall is here!

Yesterday was another enjoyable class on the water, sharing time and adventure with new people.  It’s amazing, when I think about it – that’s something I didn’t know if I could manage, and definitely didn’t believe I could, until I dared to put myself in that position, and found out how enjoyable it was, and how comfortable I would feel, with practice and experience.

I’m looking forward to today.  For me, it will be a day of resting.  I also plan on writing, and catching up on my posting – I haven’t posted the last couple days.  I also look to spend some time whittling down some accumulated clutter and neatening up our space.

So, my goal for today is about relaxing, expanding, sitting, and contemplating, with perhaps a run and a little meditation mixed in.  A peaceful, easy feeling, as it were.  I look forward to today being filled with music and words, warmth and comfort, sunshine and love.


A Prompt for you:

Filling Your Bucket, Dear One.  Doing the things that we know we wish to do, that make us feel whole, feel good, and feel light.

This takes a measure of stillness and recognition; a pause to listen.

On different days, and in different moments, the answer can be different – “What is it that I most want right now?”

It all starts by allowing yourself to ask, and answer, that question.  Doing what you most want to do fills up your bucket, moves you toward love, and opens you up to share your light and love with the world.


Doing what I am moved to do to fill my bucket, including helping others notice and tend to their buckets, as well.  Blessings and Love, My Dear Guides!

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