September 22, 2016—Day 265 (WD 546)

Sunrise Pages September

Breathing, Grand Creator!

From the darkness, the eastern horizon slowly brightens to a subdued orange, as the dawn begins.  Right now, time seems to move more slowly.  Right now, I want to conjure the magic, and understand the mindset, to always observe time moving slowly – to have enough delicious time.

Of course, my mind immediately conjures up the uncomfortable stuff of life, knowing that during those times, my wish is for time to fly, for the discomfort to be over as quickly as possible.

Therein is the reminder – what we resist, persists; what we cling to, slips away.  Time seems to move opposite to what we want.  Change, too.  When we desire change, it seems to take forever; but, when we want things to stay as they are, change seems all too swift.

I talked about shame yesterday.  As I’ve continued my contemplations around this, I’ve realized that feeling shame is really my business.  I mean, I choose to accept ownership.  No one can shame me without my participation.

So, I have clutter in my closet around my need and expectation to always know.  And, I feel ashamed when I don’t know.  That’s on me.  That’s my stuff.

I’ve seen others in that kind of situation, who seem not to care.  I’ve found it rather shocking.  “How dare they not care, not feel bad, not be ashamed!”

Yet, secretly, I think I marvel at their detachment, their release – their freedom.

I’ve mused over the delicious beauty of a world of wonder.  And, essential to seeing that wonder, I believe, is the not knowing, is in walking the world as a beginner, constantly exploring, constantly discovering.

I can’t have it both ways.  But, I can practice and strengthen my comfort in not knowing.  Because, that will open me up to more and more of the wonders of this world.

And, there’s no shame in that!


A Prompt to consider:

Oh, Dear One, shame can be so heavy.  Let’s give ourselves permission to put it down, stop burdening ourselves.

Can you think of a recent time that you felt ashamed?

I understand that it takes a certain scenario, with certain actions and comments that create it.

But, imagine if those things all occurred again, yet you were able to stop in your tracks; and, rather than stumbling down the path of shame, you were able to connect with self-love, and proclaim, “I respectfully do not care what you think.”

Not with hate or malice toward others, but in love and respect to yourself and your wonderful adventure of life.


Love always tastes of Freedom.  Follow the Love, and let anything else go.  Thanks for the Love, Dear Guides!

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