September 19, 2016—Day 262 (WD 543)

Sunrise Pages September

Good Morning, Morning –

We’ve had rain overnight and this morning, holding the day dark and dreary, with a high, light fog hanging over us.

I’m in a bit of a sour mood, which I’d like to blame on the weather, but I think is only a contributing factor.  My mood has more to do with the prospect of spending eight plus hours of this day, and most of the days this week, in-store.  But, the mood is also about letting go of yesterday, the one day all week that I had with my wife.

At the same time, Dear One, this discomfort and dissatisfaction is delicious – in the sense that it fuels me, motivates me to keep leaning, to keep turtle-stepping.

Because, when I stop – if I were to stop moving now – right here is where I’d stay, for a while.  One of the things I realized in doing my pre-work for my mentor is that, although here is not a bad place to be, if nothing changed and I stayed here, it would surely break my heart.

There’s more fire for me to walk through.  There’s a magic and a calling that is pulling me forward, and if I don’t answer and don’t explore – well, this good life won’t be good enough.

It’s not enough for me to be competent at what I do, and to have others believe that I do a good job.

I have this desire to connect intimately with people, to see us both rise, challenging ourselves to fulfill our purposes, to tap into our Divine Creative Spirit.

Venturing out and getting this gig was an act of daring.  So – Yay!  And, taking on ODS and becoming a paddling instructor was huge, and has been so rewarding.

It’s just so important to me, for me, to continue climbing.

It’s Time!


And, Today’s Prompt:

Dear One, I say it again and again.  One act of self-love.  Begin with that.  What does your heart call out for you to do today?

Will you do that?  That one thing that says to your own soul – “loving the world begins with showing love to my own self.”

Begin with yourself, to open yourself to love the whole world.


Wow – a dream to Love the Whole World!  So big, Dearest Guides!

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