September 18, 2016—Day 261 (WD 542)

Sunrise Pages September

Glorious Morning, Dearest Creator!

Last evening was quite a wonderful evening, and it appears that we received a bit of rain overnight.  What good fortune.

Each morning I brew my coffee, pour myself a cup, grab my clipboard and pen and settle down to a view outside, and then listen.  To listen takes stillness.  To shush the inner dialogue in my mind, and find the gap between thoughts – where I am free and floating, unattached, untethered, and not weighed down or limited by any construction of my mind.

In that gap, that space of a moment, when I am still and aware, I witness the wonder and abundance of the Universe.  When I release all my shoulds and shouldn’ts, all my can’ts, all my nevers and not good enough – there is the Radiant Light of All Things Are Possible.

What a wonder this world is, this Life can be.  There are mysteries and unknowns all around us.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Can’t that be fun?

Life is like a play, and can be like play.  Yet, we take it so sternly and particularly, sometimes.

Start listening, Dear One.  What do you hear, when you are still enough to listen?

What is the first thing you notice?  Are you still enough to hear your own heart beating?  To feel the air you inhale enter your nostrils, and fill deep down in your lungs?

Can you feel that exact moment of stillness, between inhale and exhale?  The build of tension, then release, with each breath we take?

All the energy that gives us life is created in that difference, that space between inhale and exhale, which creates the smallest spark in each of our cells.  How wonderful, how amazing, is that?


Here is Today’s Prompt:

Dear One, I offer you to sit and find stillness in your day, to witness that space of a moment.

If you find this difficult, you might take the time, as you sit, to ask yourself why you are finding it difficult to allow stillness.  Even this type of listening can open the pathway to your stillness.


And the rain begins again.  Thank you so much for this life of mine, Dear Creator!  I am so fortunate!

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