September 15, 2016—Day 258 (WD 539)

Sunrise Pages September

Brightness and Light, Divine Essence!

The sky is crystal clear this morning; the day is bright, cool, and still.  It’s an invitation to me, to get outside and move, breathe in the chilly air while feeling the sun’s warmth on me.  Welcome, Fall!

Sleep last night was just okay.  No television, but it did take me a bit to wind down after our final meeting of our current Bewilderment Book Club.  I also typed up and posted another day’s Sunrise Pages before going to bed.  Sleep Scale: 3.5/5.

Dear One, have you ever notice how, so often, even when we take the time to identify best practices in different aspects of our lives, we still tend to circumvent them?

Now, I do think that sometimes the problem is that that strategies can seem to conflict with each other, and we feel caught in between.  For example, we have all been told that “Honesty is the best policy.”  Yet, we are also guided by the principles of “Do no harm” and “Be kind to others.”

Well, sometimes honesty can be uncomfortable, can be hard to hear, and can cause some suffering.

For me, I have been guided ultimately to live authentically, being honest with myself and others, while still remaining aware and understanding of what that can create for others.

That’s where I am; what I aspire to.  Others choose differently.  I don’t see it as any matter or degree of right versus wrong.  We are each making the choice that works best and feels the most true for us.

Now, back to our tendency to circumnavigate our best practices – our avoidance, our lack of follow-through.  Here, I’m talking about when we divine a best practice, such as living authentically, for which we have little doubt.  Yet, still we treat it as a suggestion or theory, rather than a regular practice and guiding principle.

Like when I say that I intend to live authentically, but when the occasion arises that I think my truth might hurt someone or cause them to disagree with me and judge me; I then follow a different path and avoid the discomfort.

So, here’s the bigger picture – I am discovering that it makes everything more complicated and challenging when I follow that different path.  Everything!

Authenticity is simpler.  Easier.  More direct.

But, my excursions down these other paths aren’t wasted.  Not at all.  It’s all helping me learn who and how I want to be in this world!  Who I can be!


I offer you this Prompt, with which to play and create:

Have you ever taken the time to consider who and how you want to show up in the world?

It’s easy to believe we’re supposed to just do what we’re told; after all, we’ve always been instructed to do that.

In one way, there’s a blessing in getting conflicting guidance and instruction – we cannot honor them all at the same time.

So, how about releasing that idea, and focusing on what practices really align with who and how you want to be?

This would be some good sit spot work, or a good time to journal and chat with your Inner Guide.


Continually learning who and how I want to be – Feels like being back on the Playground!  As always – Thanks for the Lessons, Dearest Guides!

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