September 8, 2016—Day 251 (WD 532)

Sunrise Pages September

Radiance and Light, Bright Universe!

The early morning clouds have drifted away, leaving a blue, cloud-speckled sky and a shining bright sun.

I slept well, but was up late, so I’ll give my Sleep Scale: 3.5/5.

Yesterday, I didn’t sit down to write until the afternoon, and even then was not engaged fully in it, and, frankly, wanted mostly to avoid it.  And, I’m feeling a bit the same way this morning.

It has me wondering – have I hit a wall, a saturation point?  Or, is this just a phase; or, perhaps a moment of compression, challenge, and gathering, like a spring, before the next leap?

Dear One, there are certainly times when the responsibility of being the co-creator of my life weighs heavy and daunting on me.  When I’d rather believe in good luck and holy benevolence, without having to do any hard work.

Do you know what I mean?

Yet, the truth is, the path isn’t really that hard.  To be kind and compassionate, to find my Center, to ground myself, and to listen to and speak My Truth – these are not hard things.  In fact, to not do them is what makes things harder – to scramble to please and appease others, to follow their dreams and live their truths and their stories – that’s what’s draining.

As I walked, chatted, and co-created yesterday, I again tapped into a holy universal energy.  There is power, light, and life in doing what we dream to do.

It is all a playground and an artist’s studio.  Any assortment of puzzles, tools, and media are available to explore with curiosity and inspiration.

It’s simply those doubtful thoughts – will it be “good enough;” will it have value?

And, only one true way to find the answer.  Of course, the answer I already hear from my heart is, “Just the journey and the effort are reward enough.”


And, how about this Prompt for Today:

Dear One, today I offer you the gift of release.

Start by calming your spirit, focusing on your breath.

Once you are calm and centered, feel for any tension in your body, where you are holding it.

Now, move your body, starting slowly and gently, in whatever way you feel comfortable and called to, to release the tension from your body.  Maybe it’s dancing, hopping, spinning, rolling on the ground, or laughing with your entire body.

Use your physicality to open your heart and shake the tension free and away.


A dance of Light and Life, My Compassionate Angels!  Thank You!

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