September 6, 2016—Day 249 (WD 530)

Sunrise Pages September

Rising, Glorious Universe!

There’s a heavy layer of clouds in the eastern sky, yet the rising sun is cutting through, shining its light all around.  Ove time, as I watch, the cloud cover spreads overhead, and eventually blocks out the sun.  Today will likely continue to be a blend of sunshine and clouds.

Yesterday, Labor Day, I worked in-store.  I got a call just before I went in, offering for me to teach a kayaking class; but I turned it down.  I recognize that, for me, I like to have a moment to feel prepared; therefore, last minute changes don’t really appeal to me.  I feel good about claiming and honoring what I want.

The store was busy, though, and I felt drained before the end of my work day.  I went to bed fairly early, around 10 p.m., and finished writing my responses to my business lizard.

Can I just tell you how powerful it felt to articulate my deepest, most true beliefs against the fears of my business lizard?  It’s really something, first to stop and truly listen to those fears, and then to thoughtfully consider and respond to each and every one.

It proves to me that I have answers to address my fears.  It reminds me to focus on my actions and recognize my strengths, and it encourages me to exercise and develop my weaknesses.

Consciously responding to my fears makes me mindful of What Matters to Me.  It stills and quiets the furious chaos and chatter that can distract and overwhelm me, so that I can truly pay attention.

This is the message of my heart.  Here is the flowing river of energy and creativity.  Here mark the blazes of my trail.  Now I see it, hear it.


And, Dear One, Today’s Prompt:

Make a list of Today’s Top Ten Fears.

Next, hold a space of stillness – your mind and body, in time and space, until you feel calm, centered, and grounded.

Now, write a response to each fear – either with acceptance and strategy to build on, or with the truth to disprove and dissolve the fear.

Use Love and Freedom as your foundation.


Living as a trailblazer – how exciting!  Thank You, Guides!

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