September 4, 2016—Day 247 (WD 528)

Sunrise Pages September

Blessings, My Divine Spark!

It’s another foggy morning; dark and mystical.  I think I long ago learned what events create this morning fog, especially at this time of year; but I can’t recall.  There’s some relationship to the changing temperatures – so warm during the day, and then much cooler at night – and some natural factor, I think – perhaps the nearby river, or the vegetation of the surrounding hills of forest.

I remember reading about a stand of trees on the west coast that endure in a dry climate because of the almost daily morning fog that provides the trees enough moisture to thrive.

Curious how my mind works, and what pieces I remember.  For example, I puzzle over why I think of those trees, with the morning fog, somehow surviving; and what metaphor I can draw to things attached to my life.  Perhaps it has to do with surviving against the odds.  On the other hand, it may have to do with being flexible and resilient enough to keep moving until we find the proper conditions and environment to sustain us.

The Metaphor Game – how is this one thing like the other.

I had a full day of kayaking classes on the water.  It’s interesting to note that, even though I’ve done it all summer, I still got apprehensive before, nervous about the teaching.  Yet, it went very well, and the two groups of participants were really enjoyable.  I even had the opportunity to have a deeper conversation with one participant about fear, vulnerability, and daring to do; and taking ownership for what we need to dare to try, even when we might not feel supported by loved ones.

All the paddling, and time on the river, which was so tranquil yesterday, got me good-tired, and I slept well.  Sleep Scale: 5/5.


Here is Today’s Prompt:

It can be a challenge when we don’t feel support or encouragement from our loved ones, and if they are critical of our attempts to explore and try new things.

Sometimes, though, that becomes one of our excuses to not dare to try.

Is there something you keep dreaming about trying, but you haven’t, partly because you envision your loved ones being critical and telling you that you’re not “good enough?”

Take ownership for yourself.  Maybe that means having a conversation declaring your right to try, even if it looks messy and not “good enough.”

Declaring, perhaps, that you do not want comments or criticism from them.

Or, maybe your ownership takes the form of you trying this new thing on your own and separate from them, in a more supportive environment with an encouraging instructor and other students.

Claim what you need, to encourage your exploration and growth.


Finding a nurturing environment, where I could try, and even fail, and then try again, makes an immense difference in my growth.  Thank You, My Dear Guides!

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