September 2, 2016—Day 245 (WD 526)

Sunrise Pages September

Radiance, Dear Creator!

I watched the sun rise above the eastern horizon this morning, behind a thick scattering of clouds.  Those clouds thickened and settled in, eventually hiding the sun; from that, the sun’s light kissed the undersides of those clouds, creating a glow of luminescent blue.  Now, the sky is a dark overcast of dreary gray-blue.

Even in the changing sky, there are lessons and metaphors.

I again slept well last night, but not long enough.  I was good-tired, after a day of walking and running, chatting with a loved one, writing, and running errands.  My Sleep Scale: 3.5/5.

I returned to the work I had done, dictating my business lizard’s Shouts and Fears.  It’s been over a week, and I’ve been thinking about it on the periphery, but decided now was the time I brought it front and center to respond.

So, that’s what I began last night.  It’s powerful, to thoughtfully address the concerns and fears of my lizard mind.  It brings a clarity and de-escalation to the spiraling that my unchecked mind can spin into.  This is the beginning of real ownership for me, I believe.  To try something new; a new creation in a new medium, playing and testing along the way; always an expression of My Truth, Integrity, and Authenticity.

One of the tests for me, one of the fears I’ve had, has been about saying the “wrong thing” and having a client get upset.  When I look at that fear with a critical eye, from a deeper place, I know that if I’m speaking my Truth, that’s my duty as a coach.

Sometimes, we don’t believe ourselves ready.  Yet, before the garden grows, seeds must be planted.  My intention is to share and plant seeds of hope and change.  And love.


So, here’s a Prompt to consider:

Dear One, are there changes you wish in your life, but you’re telling yourself that you’re not ready?

Here’s the thing – the only way to get ready is to start before you’re ready.  The only way to get better (or “good enough”) is to start practicing when you’re not very good.

Once again, create a Turtle Step to move in that direction that’s calling you, to begin before you think you’re ready, and start daring to do.


Thanks to all My Angels and Guides, Dear Universe, who have taken the time and love to share their seeds with me!

Please, Join In and Share--