August 29, 2016—Day 241 (WD 522)

Sunrise Pages August

Good Morning, Divine World!

The sky is dappled and draped with clouds, yet the rising sun is shining bright.  Today is another day of adventure, another segment on our winding journey toward…?

Where is it that you’re heading, Dear Pilgrim?  What new mountain to climb?  What new horizon to gaze upon?  What new ocean to cross?

Or, are your fears causing you to freeze and feel stuck, resulting in you making no progress in any direction?  Or, even worse, are you responding to your fears by retreating, pulling back within yourself, seeking comfort and safety, but also causing your world to shrink and diminish around you?

A few days ago, I discussed turning up the volume on the fearful shouts from our lizards, to listen deeply and discern the truth and wisdom contained within the painful barrage.

Because, here’s the thing – those fears are the compass needle, pointing toward what we really desire and value.  We are afraid because we are invested in the outcome, and we know that it’s going to take putting our own skin in the game.

Sometimes, the initial fear we face is about becoming visible.  So, every step forward feels scary, because it feels like we’re pulling back the curtain and allowing everyone to see us – no more hiding.  We hear our lizard’s doubts and fears – “What if they laugh?  What if they disagree, and hate me for it?  What if they see me and just disregard me; like I don’t matter, and they don’t care?”

That’s the worst of it, isn’t it?  Because, we really want to be seen and heard, regarded and respected; to feel that we are connected and contributing, and that we matter.

There’s the crux – we want to be seen and to matter, but the only way to get there is by becoming visible and risking the worst – which might mean making that effort, yet still feeling disregarded or disrespected; still feeling as if, to others, we don’t matter.

This is how the dictation of our lizard’s Shouts can inform and aid us.  It makes clear what we are thinking.  When we look deeper, it shows us what we want, and where we want to go.

What is your lizard saying to you?  What are your fears telling you about the direction that you long for?  What matters to you so much that your lizard thinks it would be too painful to strive for and fail?

Have you ever noticed what’s been happening as you’ve allowed your lizard to lead, as you’ve heeded its warnings, and you’ve stayed safe and stuck?

Often, your lizard continues shouting those fears.  Have you ever wondered why?

It’s because, very quietly, in gentle, steady whispers, your heart has continued to pump throughout your body and spirit its message for you, of the direction of Your Truth, Your Joy, and Your Purpose.

Even when you don’t think you can hear it, your heart’s message of Ultimate, Unconditional Love for You is there – that you are well, you are safe, and you reside in peace and happiness.

Your lizard hears it, and consequently thinks that it needs to continuously shout, in order to protect you from the painful risk of pursuing and believing your heart’s message.

The tough truth is, your lizard is right – the path of the heart, toward what really matters to you, is one of vulnerability.

But, that’s precisely because you will be doing, and moving toward, that which matters most to you.

The other option is to never dare doing anything that matters to you.

How does that feel, when you say it out loud?

Me?  It hurts my heart.  And so, the risk becomes worth it.


Dear One, I offer you this Prompt:

Pull out that list of Your Lizard’s Top Shouts and Fears.  Look at them with a critical eye.  Are there themes that emerge?  Are there some areas the Shouts focus around?

Create turn-arounds for each Shout of your lizard, even if your mind tells you that turn-around is unrealistic.

When you look at your turn-arounds and the themes from your lizard, does a direction begin to appear?  Can you see which way the needle of your inner compass is pointing?

What is a small Turtle Step you can take in that direction that would contain an absolute minimum of risk?


My Dear Guides – it’s pretty incredible to see this connection between My Lizard and My Heart!  So important!  Thank You!

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