August 28, 2016—Day 240 (WD 521)

Sunrise Pages August

Alleluia, Divine Universe!

It’s a foggy morning, and, somewhere near, there’s a cricket chirping.  To me, it’s such a cheery sound, conjuring childhood, playing in grassy fields, summer days of running and sunshine.

Gosh, was my body tired and ready for bed last night.  I was in bed at 10 p.m.  Even so, it took a while to actually fall asleep, and then I woke before 2 a.m., and it took a while to fall back asleep.  I was awake before my alarm at 6:15 a.m., but waited for the alarm, hoping to feel a little more rested before I got up.  Sleep Scale: 3.5/5.

It’s a curious thing, because I would have bet that I’d have a deep, restful sleep, with my body being so good-tired.  Sometimes, though, when that’s been the case, I think I sleep really deeply for the first few hours, and then wake feeling almost too rested and ready to start a new day.  This doesn’t work so well at two in the morning, knowing there’s no room for a nap later in the day.

So, I wrote a bit yesterday morning about the concerns I was carrying going into my day.  I am joyful that I continue to choose to meet those concerns face-to-face, rather than stop or pull back.

This is where and how I continue to grow, to live a life at the edge, with an uncertainty that makes things energized and exciting, and creating the potential for deep experience and satisfaction.

I faced all those concerns I had yesterday.  I was nervous, but practiced returning to a calm, grounded space, opening my heart and mind to do my best and to be my most true in each moment.  I learned in the doing, and I received constructive feedback from many sources.

I truly enjoyed my day and how I experienced it.


So, now a Prompt:

Dear One, we’ve been looking at Your Lizard’s Fears, and what they can show you.

Consider this – those fears are indicators of What Truly Matters to You.  In the arenas where you are nonchalant and unconcerned, you have much less on the line.  Whereas, those arenas where you are feeling some terror – that indicates just how invested you are in the outcome.

That fear is directly tied to your Heart and Purpose, and the work you could create right there, in that arena.  When you face those fears, you grow, no matter the outcome; because, you move toward your Joy and Purpose.

Step into those arenas regularly, and you will see how daring you can be, and you will grow and be rewarded, again and again.


My Fears are a song calling me toward My True Self.  I am blessed by your guidance, My Spirits, and to hear my song!

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