August 25, 2016—Day 237 (WD 518)


Sunrise Pages August

Awakenings, Dear Creator!

Wow, what a gorgeous day!  The sun is back-lighting a ridge of clouds, and the sky is speckled and adorned with clusters of wonderfully bright clouds.

My sleep was good last night.  I got to bed later than my goal, so was in bed around 11:30 p.m., but I was good-tired, fell right to sleep, and slept soundly through the night – Sleep Scale: 4.75/5.

Yesterday was a fun, fulfilling day, yet with plenty of space within and around the edges.  I wrote my Pages and had my first Mentoring Session, which was lovely, exciting, clarifying, and motivating.  I typed up and posted the Pages from a couple days before, as I work to catch back up, while trying not to bury one post with another.  I also did some shredding and paperwork.

I went for an afternoon run/walk, again catching up on some of the “Magic Lessons” podcasts.  Liz Gilbert holds people’s stories so dearly and tenderly, and she speaks such Truth, that I imagine myself quite the sight at times, running along with tears in my eyes (sunglasses definitely help).  These stories help fill up my heart – they pluck that heartstring that vibrates with who I am and how I want to show up and connect in this world, with this world.  I am grateful for this lovely manifestation of humanity.

I then shuttled my wife for an errand, came back home and made myself a simple, enjoyable dinner, meditated, and then held the ninth week of our Bewilderment Book Club.  It’s a challenge and wonder, how this tale of fantasy can be woven into the tickings and tapestry of our daily lives – when we approach from a certain direction, we are offered exciting, new “What ifs” and “What nexts.”


Dear One, Today’s Prompt:

Fullness, and certainly Fulfillment, aren’t necessarily claimed by scheduling every second of our day.  We get to claim these by engaging whole-heartedly in what we choose to do, guided by our inner Curiosity and Purpose.

Listen.  In the stillness, what is the one thing your heart calls for you to do today?

Will you dare to answer that call?  That will surely fill you up more than any busyness you can orchestrate.


There’s a lovely relationship with fulfillment, peace, and rest.  Connecting the dots, My Lovely Guides!

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