August 22, 2016—Day 234 (WD 515)

Sunrise Pages August

Good Morning, Divine Source!

The sky looks rather majestic this morning, with the rising sun shining through a parade of grand clouds, and here and there, glimpses of blue sky.

A cold front rolled through last night, giving us some rain, and the high temperature today will barely reach 70°F.  It makes me think of fall and winter, to which I am looking forward.

Last night I went to bed around 11 p.m. and read part of this week’s chapter for the book club.  Sleep was a little restless, as I was up a few times, but seemed to fall back asleep easily enough.  I awoke with my alarm at 7 a.m., less in a fog and less exhausted than the last couple mornings.  But, there’s still a lethargy I feel in my body.  I’m going to score my Sleep Scale: 4.5/5.

My hunch is that I finally had a good amount of time for rest last night, but I haven’t been physically active the last few days, other than being on my feet running around in-store at work.  I didn’t get out paddling yesterday, and I haven’t exercised my body since running Wednesday.  I recognize that that’s an important component to my well-being.

I am excited, though, because I did finish and submit the questionnaire to my mentor.  There were some powerful questions asked and answered.  I even had a couple moments where I thought to myself – “I don’t know the answer to this.”  But, I sat with those questions, looking at the edges of what I was thinking, sticking with it – and, suddenly, I did see an answer.

It can seem too hard, too frightening, and setting ourselves up for disappointment, to look square on at our dreams.  Yet, that’s the most profound way to move toward them and turn them into reality.


So, here’s a Prompt for you:

Dear One, how do you wish your life was different?

What are the obstacles getting in your way?

Where do you hope you will be in five years?

Now – will you dare to answer these questions?


In the end, we get to where we want to go only by taking action, only by getting ourselves there.  Thank you for this lesson, My Dear Guides!  Buen Camino!

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