August 17, 2016—Day 229 (WD 510)

Sunrise Pages August

Impressive, Great Creator!

The cloud formations roil across the windy sky; this morning is full of energy and life.  So dynamic!  Large trees are dancing and gyrating, while small trees are bent strongly, arched at mid-section against the wind, toward the east and away from the sun.

I haven’t yet noticed any birds, and I wonder if they’re just hunkered down in the wind.  I did spy a groundhog again visiting the yard next door.  Spotting the groundhog, for some reason, seems to always make me smile.

Yesterday, I explored the portage trail around the Wilder Dam on the Connecticut River, and then went for a run on the trails around the reservoir at Boston Lot.  That was a lot of fun, and challenging, with more ups and downs than I get on the rail-trail nearby.

I went to bed late again, drawn to the Olympic coverage, but I slept very soundly.  I think I got slightly less than seven hours of sleep, which I know isn’t enough for me, but I feel good this morning and will give last night a Sleep Scale: 4/5.

Two-thirds of a page filled, I find myself just sitting and watching the action of the wind and the trees, and pondering different directions of thought and writing – but, perhaps not unrelated.

The wind is this invisible force – I cannot see it; yet, watching the trees swirl and bend, I feel that I can almost see it.

And, I’m thinking about our relationship with creativity – another invisible force that becomes manifest in what is produced by our conjoined actions with creativity, by its influence on us.

On my run yesterday, I began listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast, “Magic Lessons.”  Oh My Gosh – truly magical!

I’m still synthesizing the couple hours I heard, but, I’ll tell you – it’s like super-fertilizer for your creative Spirit!


So, a Prompt for Today:

Dear One, if you’ve always dreamed of expressing yourself creatively, or you’ve just been curious what it might feel like to explore those waters, then list to Liz Gilbert’s “Magic Lessons” podcast.

She has started Season Two, and Season One is still available for download.

Also, check out her book that planted the seeds for her podcast – Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

Opening myself to dance with Creativity, and the joy that brings!  Thank you for the lessons, Dear Liz, and My Dear Guides!


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