August 16, 2016—Day 228 (WD 509)

Sunrise Pages August

Buongiorno, Divine Creator!

I’m listening to crickets chirping, under the dew and fog of the cold, humid morning.  The weather for the day sounds like showers this morning, and then a chance of several thunderstorms rolling through this afternoon and evening.

I had half-heartedly considered going for a big day-long hike today, but I hadn’t really committed to it, and this weather forecast is enough to discourage me.

Actually, the prospect of doing more data-entry and shredding of paper this afternoon feels enticing, with maybe a run later this morning, even in the rain.

Sleep last night was pretty good – I went to bed at 10 p.m., and re-read the latest chapter for our book club this Wednesday, with lights-out around 11 p.m.  My amount of sleep was around seven hours, and Sleep Scale: 4/5.

What is the whole-hearted dream of Your North Star, Dear One?  Do you dare to pause, get still and quiet, and listen to what you really want to do, and who you really hope to be?

What would it mean, to know those answers?  Are you trepidatious about being fully conscious of that best version of you?

What do you do, Dear One, when you are tired, and you dream of rest?  When you are unsettled and dream of peace?  When you are overwhelmed and dream of space and time?  When you are afraid and dream of courage?  When you are unhappy, Dear One, and you dream of joy?

Your dreams are your heart’s messages to you, about what you can have, what would fill you up, and what would make you whole, allowing you to share yourself and help the world shine.


Please consider this Prompt:

Dear One, am I wrong to assume you already know that message from your heart, that vision of what you need in order to move toward wholeness and well-being?

If you haven’t seen it, then sit and ask your heart to show you.

Once you’ve seen it, I ask you what you are willing to do to move toward it.  Through your choices and actions, you can make “What if…” possible.


Daring to Dream, My Divine Guides, and then Daring to Do!  Thank You, Guides!

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