August 13, 2016—Day 225 (WD 506)

Sunrise Pages August

Greetings, Dear Universe –

It’s a gray morning.  There’s a high probability for rain throughout the day.  We’ll see.  It would be nice to see the high humidity break, and we certainly could use the rain.

I have a short turn-around today, closing the store last night, and then back this morning before we open.  Even so, I slept pretty well, but not quite long enough – Sleep Scale: 3.5/5.

I think what I’m noticing from my sleep record is that I tend to sleep pretty soundly most nights, unless I’ve got to be up particularly early, and I’m concerned about waking early enough to do my writing, as well; or, when I’m nervous about doing something new, where I’m stretching into my Unknown.

In both cases, my sleep is more restless, which certainly doesn’t help or improve the situation.  I only wake more tired, and start my day off feeling less than full and ready.

I am learning, though (at least on the days when I’m just concerned with getting these Pages written), that I always seem to manage it.  I also recognize how meaningful it is to me to fulfill this practice each morning.  Yet, when there eventually is a morning that I don’t write, I’ll accept it and move on from there, I think.

The most common sleep issue I have had since keeping track has been not enough time for sleep.  This has been the continuing issue since I began writing every morning.  And, I think, the remedy is simple and obvious – and I just need to put it into practice!  I want to go to sleep earlier, to get a full night’s sleep.  So, there it is!


Here, Dear One, is my offer of a Prompt:

What is it that you simply know you could do to care for yourself and help you to feel better?

This is another way that Turtle-Stepping can help you implement a healthy change.

Be clear about the intention.  Then, create that first Turtle Step – the smallest, do-able step in the direction you wish to go.

When you accomplish that step, create a second do-able step to follow the first.  And so on.

Your health and well-being is your reward.


My goal, Dear Guide, is earlier bedtimes and full nights’ sleep.  Thank You!

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