August 11, 2016—Day 223 (WD 504)

Sunrise Pages August

Good Morning, Dear Universe!

There’s a foggy overcast hanging over us this morning, even though the sun can be seen brightening the cloud cover in the eastern sky.  There’s something captivating about seeing that bright-white orb through the diffusion and filter of varying, shifting thicknesses of cloud and fog.  It’s supposed to steam up today, and the temperature may reach the 90’s.

It’s a marvel, how different a day can turn out, compared to what we expected or planned.  And, here’s something I’m noticing – it’s usually not too big a deal.  Yet, I recognize how resistant and fearful I’ve been in the past to any changes; fearful, I think, that I will therefore be unprepared and will perform poorly.  With the slightest hiccup, I would visualize the train coming off the tracks.

The rain yesterday morning caused the cancelation of the kids’ event.  So, I wound up with the morning for myself, where I wrote my Pages, and then did some more home maintenance.  I think I didn’t get as much done (as I “should” have), because I hadn’t planned on having that time.  Still, I continue to move in the direction I’ve chosen.

I went for a run in the afternoon.  That was a fun test for me.  I haven’t been running nearly as much or as consistently as I was last year, because of work and injuries; but, I really enjoyed getting out there and reaching my goal distance, even though I didn’t run very fast.

Then, I whipped up some dinner for the wife and me.

Finally, I prepared for our book club call, and I wound up with computer issues.  My computer wouldn’t boot up, so I couldn’t sign on or even access the call-in information, which I have stored on the computer.

I feel like I’ve been wishing for failure, and here it was.  And, I was grateful, because, in this test, I did understand that All was Well.

I finally got rebooted and logged in, and I think we had a great call.  Stuff happens – all the time.  From little hiccups to major challenges.  Staying calm and present, realizing that I’m okay, and asking, “What next?” helps me tap into my Peace, and allows me to be my most positive, resourceful, and creative.  And, that helps.  A Lot!


Please, Dear Pilgrim, consider this Prompt:

The OMG response –

When things go differently than what we expected, we sometimes get into a pattern of thinking, or even saying out loud, “Oh My GOD!”

These words and thoughts can trigger in us a sense of catastrophe.

“Oh My GOD!  I’m running late, and I can’t find my car keys!”

The alarm response that this triggers puts us into panic, which isn’t going to help us be positive, resourceful, and creative, the mindset that would be most useful in resolving our problems.

Oftentimes, we don’t even notice how often we have the OMG response.  So, try to notice.  It may also be helpful to ask a friend to point it out to you when they see you do it.  Give them the permission to inform you each time they recognize you doing it.

Once you realize your OMG responses, it’s the perfect time to remind yourself that, right now – You’re safe.  You’re well.  You reside in peace and happiness.


So, that’s what you mean, My Dear Guides, by – “failure is just opportunity for learning.”  Thank you for the lesson!

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