August 8, 2016—Day 220 (WD 501)

Sunrise Pages August

Rising and Shining, Dear Universe!

It looks to be a gorgeous day outside, so I’m planning to get out and enjoy part of it.  My pen freezes, though, as I consider what I want to do and what my possibilities are – perhaps a run, or golf, or just a walk.

I sometimes get stuck against the other things that I want to do, wanting to enjoy a certain balance and maintenance in my life – these are the things I appreciate having in my life, like order, non-clutter, cleanliness, and just less and simple – but, getting there isn’t as much fun for me as getting outside and recreating; those things feel more like work, to me.

But, goodness, does it feel good when the house is in order, clothes are clean and put away, the bed is made, and the place is dusted and vacuumed!

There’s the saying – “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”  To me, that always felt like some forced mandate declared from on high; right up there with, “Don’t sin,” “Don’t fail,” and “Eat your peas.”

So, I think a lot of my struggle with cleanliness is self-inflicted, because I do resist putting energy there.

Here’s the thing, though – sometimes, I see the message differently.  Sometimes, lately, if feels like a simple invitation – “Want to relax and bring Peace into your Life?  Declutter, simplify, and open space for beauty in your home, and you’ll make room for Peace in your Life.”

I haven’t tackled studying feng shui; mostly, I suspect, because of my resistance and old-rut thinking about cleanliness as a dictate and as work.  But, I am tired of how tiring the disorder and clutter in my Life can feel.

How we do anything is how we do everything.  I think it’s time for me to start simplifying and de-cluttering the parts of my Life, to make room for joy.


So, Dear One, here’s a Prompt for you to consider:

The art of de-clutter, I believe, can be just like any other practice – the more we practice it, the better we will get.

At first, we may be terrible.  So, once again, Turtle Steps are a great way to start.  Any little step we take toward order and cleanliness moves us in the right direction, with progress that never would happen otherwise.

Don’t get discouraged.  We’re building muscles and practicing, here.  Our happiness and peace are waiting for us, just down this path.


Tending and weeding the garden helps the flowers bloom – right, Dear Guides?  Thank you!


P.S.  Last night’s Sleep Scale: 4/5.  Also, I realize there is much information available regarding feng shui, but Simple Shui is a resource I plan to reference.

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