August 6, 2016—Day 218 (WD 499)

Sunrise Pages August

Welcoming Another Morning, Dear Creator!

We’ve got humidity and overcast skies this morning, and there’s a chance for a severe thunderstorm to pop up during the day today.

I’ve got two kayaking classes today, including on this afternoon with additional curriculum that I haven’t taught before.  Matt, my ODS Lead, will teach part of that class with me, and I reviewed the curriculum last night just before I went to bed.

The concern over that class, combined with weather concerns, I believe contributed to me not getting a great night’s sleep last night, and feeling tired and sluggish this morning.  Sleep Scale: 3/5.

Here’s something I recognize in me – for all my work on accepting failure as part of the process of learning and moving forward, it’s still thought, for me.  It’s continues to be a conscious effort to think about accepting and understanding failure in any moment.

For example, for one of my coaching sessions with anyone, or when I lead our book club calls, or today, these two kayak classes – I can think rationally, theoretically, and hypothetically that failure happens, and is a part of things; and that, in fact, failure will happen, and indeed, needs to happen in the process of learning and growing better.

Yet, in each of these examples, I see that I still dread any part of them actually failing.  I get concerned that people will feel they didn’t receive what they expected; or, that I will feel that I didn’t give them my best, that I should have done better.

I think it really comes down to learning to have faith in myself and everybody else.  Being creative and innovative, and trying new things really does mean things will go wonky along the way.  And, that will trigger some new learning for me.  And for others.  And, there will be someone who picks it up from there.  And then, someone else.

We really are all walking each other home.


So, Dear One, here’s a Prompt to consider:

First, make a list of five areas in your life you feel stuck – perhaps relationships, communication, work, health, joy, or some other aspect of your life.

Next to that, list your current Top Ten Fears of Failure – places where you dread not measuring up and meeting your or others’ expectations.

Now, try to draw lines connecting where you are stuck to what you fear.  One fear may connect to more than one stuck place, and one stuck place may have more than one fear attached to it.

Look over this map that you create.  It offers you insight to where your fears are holding you back.


My goal, Dear Creator, is to move from the thinking that I want to understand and accept failure, to arriving at a consciousness that does truly understand and accept!  Thank You for this Goal, My Dear Guides!

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