August 5, 2016—Day 217 (WD 498)

Sunrise Pages August

O Glorious Morning, Wonderful Universe!

It’s slated to be a really nice day today, if a bit on the warm side.  I woke earlier, but opted to stay in bed and doze, because if felt good to rest.  Sleep Scale: 4/5.

I think I’m better with the rhythm of the days when I close at Bean, because I have the morning to rest, write, and post, before I’m due in.  Although, I do struggle at night, because, by the time I get home, eat dinner, and unwind, it can be pretty late (again), especially if I try to post anything, or do any other work.

Ray:  Dear dHarma, I have a vision, an idea of what I should could be trying, that would fill my days more in alignment with who I wish to be.  But, I tried this before, once or twice, and I failed.

dHarma:  Dear Ray – you are given these messages each day about daring, about trying.  Let me ask you this – if you don’t dare, if you don’t try to reach your dreams, how are you going to feel, and continue to feel, when nothing changes?

Failed, once or twice before?  That’s simply called trying, and learning.  I’m sure you did some things then that you could do differently this time.  You know that.  I’m sure you’re different now than you were then – as much because of those previous efforts.

Ray:  It’s just that it’s so hard to fail!  It’s no fun.

dHarma:  That, quite simply, doesn’t have to be true.  It’s all about your attitude – if you believe “Failure is not an option!” then you fear and dread that outcome – which makes you hyper-focused on failure.

Or, you can play.  Remember how you decided one summer day, when you were still a kid, to figure out how to do handstands?  You just tried again and again, with each attempt gaining a real sense of your body, and its balance points, and how much energy and motion you needed.  And, every once in a while, for a moment or two, you’d find that balance, your body suspended upside-down.

Ray:  But, I never really figured it out.  I never really mastered how to do a proper handstand.

dHarma:  The point is, you were curious, and you played and learned.  You get to choose how you define failure.  How about you choose to give yourself a break?  After all, your dreams are waiting!


And, a Prompt for Today:

Conversations with Your Guide –

So, every once in a while, I’ve shared dialogues here.  By imagining these conversations, I discover and uncover some of the places and beliefs where I’m stuck.

I offer you to connect with a kind, supportive spirit of your choosing, and to ask the questions that you don’t think you have the answers to.

See what happens, and see what you uncover.


Oh, dHarma – to dare to play and try, and possibly fail.  OK.  And, practicing to change what failure means to me.  OK.  Onward!  Courage, dHarma – Thank You!

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