July 31, 2016—Day 212 (WD 493)

Sunrise Pages July

Greetings, Dear Source –

What an interesting gray texture the overcast sky presents this morning.  There’s a fascinating brightness to it, and the many shades and layers blend with the hills on the horizon.  If I didn’t already know, I couldn’t easily tell where the land ends and the sky begins.

There should be rain today, and cooler temperatures.  I find rainclouds and rainy skies fascinating to watch.  Sometimes, like now, when they’re so complex and multi-hued, there will be showers and sprinkles that release in various waves at various times.  Other times, the cloud darkness deepens and intensifies, stealing almost all the daylight from within the room around me.  Then, it may get one more click darker still, and then the rain begins.

Sometimes the rain edge crawls forward, advancing.  Other times, the saturated air can be felt as the slightest drizzle all around, and then grow heavier.  Sometimes, there’s a point where it just starts to pour, usually for only a short, intense time.  And, even as those large drops beat their way to the ground, a brightness returns – to my room inside, and to the overcast above.

Sometimes, the overcast empties and dissolves away, or blows away over other land.  Other times, the darkness and storms may build and release, build and release.

We all need the rain – the land, plants, and animals, including us.  Our weather recharges our rivers, lakes, and aquifers.  The hydrologic cycle has been a pretty cool system for filtration and supply.

Sometimes, when I watch the storm clouds, I think of the troubles that appear in our lives.  Seemingly out of nowhere, like the overcast skies and rainy days, we are faced with challenges and frustrations, struggles and loss.

If we can become The Observer, we can see how fascinating the shades and complexities of these moments are, and we can be assured that these moments will pass, and that the sun will shine again.  And, like the rain, there will be something worthwhile we gain from the storm – knowledge and experience, and the opportunity to practice compassion.


Here’s a Prompt for your consideration, Dear One:

When you are going through a time of struggle, see if this meditation can offer a moment of peace.

Sit and focus on your breath.  Then, feel each breath in carry peace further down, into your chest, your lungs, abdomen, and then down your legs all the way to your toes.  And, with each breath out, feel your tension and heartache release and blow away.

Feel your feet connected to the ground like the roots of a great tree.  Visualize yourself in front of the tree, connected to the tree, embraced by the tree, even part of the tree.  Know that you and the tree are one.

Then, watch as storms come and go, soaking the ground and your leaves and branches with rain, but observe how the storms always end and the sun always returns.


Dear Universe – Thank You for showing me that even during the storms, I am Loved!


P.S.  Sleep Scale: 3/5

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