August 1, 2016—Day 213 (WD 494)

Sunrise Pages August

Greetings, Abundant Universe!

And greetings, August!  Just another of those imaginary demarcations we create to divide things up.  Will today, in August, be substantially different than yesterday, in July?  It’s noteworthy, I think, how consumed we get with time, and its passing.

How about energy and rest?  I’m again beginning my day not recharged.  Sleep Scale: 3/5.  I’m recognizing this – my repeating pattern is to stay up too late when I want or “need” to get up early the next day.  I tend to sleep soundly, but just not long enough.  And, when I have a couple of “3” nights in a row, the depleted, dragging effect is cumulative.

Ultimately, when I do not recharge, I’m less likely to take on new challenges and venture into the Unknown.  Why?  Because, I’m aware that I do need to expend a lot of energy to find the will and fortitude to Journey into the Discomfort of the Unknown.  So, when I already feel depleted, I’m less adventurous and less likely to journey into the challenge.

In fact, I’m more likely to look for shortcuts and to take the easy way out.  I admit it.  I’m more likely to compromise my Truth and Integrity, just to take a path that’s easier.

Even these morning writings – when I rise from my bed already drained, my mindset for writing is that I’m less willing and able to open fully to the Flow.  In fact, I begin already secretly discouraging getting into the Flow and writing a lot, because it uses up time I don’t feel I have – both on the front end, in the morning when I need to finish up and get ready for work; as well as, at the end of the day when the more I wrote in the morning simply means the more there is to type up that night.

To put it simply – This is not how I want to feel; I do not want to close myself off from the Flow, in all the ways in my life, because I’m too tired and depleted.

So, why do I create this?  And, maybe more importantly – what am I willing to do about it?


And, a Prompt for Today:

Connecting the Dots –

Dear One, have you been recording your Sleep Scale results?  Start to notice if there’s a relationship between how rested you feel, and how your day flows.

This information can be the catalyst and encouragement for you to get more rest and practice self-care, giving you more energy to do Joyful Things.


Change begins with Awareness, then Intention, My Dear Guides.  Thank you for starting me down this road!

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