July 29, 2016—Day 210 (WD 491)

Sunrise Pages July

Welcome Again, Loving Universe!

Today is already moving along.  I’ve been up for a while, but I’m finally sitting down to write.  For my rest last night, I’ll give it a 4/5 on my Sleep Scale.

The weather today is overcast and humid, and we’ve already had showers and one good downpour.  I’m scheduled for a Sunset Kayak Tour this evening, so we’ll see if the weather clears throughout the day.

Dear One, I find myself thinking about what we choose to do throughout our days, and how we choose to do it.  I know I’ve talked the last few days about fear, and how our fears can often control and seem to really limit our choices.

But, what about the things we aren’t directly afraid of?  What about the things we enjoy, or really feel we would enjoy, if we just grabbed some time and tried them?  Why don’t those things ever show up at the top of our to-do lists?

I’m going to suggest it has something to do with our programming, and it’s also linked indirectly to our fear.  This may be a new way for you to consider why you feel stuck and unsatisfied, but I’m hoping you’ll at least consider it, and see if any of it sounds familiar or rings true.

Is there any person, or people, in your life who seem to breeze through their life – no struggles, no wants, no roadblocks or challenges?  We tend to identify some person or people around us in this way, and we get a little envious of how easily their life seems (to us) to flow, and we think, “It’s not fair!  Why can’t I have it easy, like that?”

Of course, most times there are struggles that we don’t see and don’t know; or, there will eventually be.  But, that’s a discussion for another time.

In examining our stuckness – what may be interfering with us simply moving toward the things that we believe could bring us joy and satisfaction, one factor actually can be the fear of being seen as joyful and satisfied.

We feel connected to a very large group when we identify our self as someone who is struggling, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled.  We’ve been programmed to view the ones who seem to flow along without struggle as the rare outsiders who don’t belong, don’t fit in, and just don’t understand.

So, who wants to be the outsider who doesn’t fit in?  Why would we want to ostracize ourselves from the group by finding our peace and equanimity, and moving gently and steadily toward joy and satisfaction?

We have been programmed to believe there is honor in struggle.  And, it is honorable, to face our challenges and persevere.  But, might there be as much honor in daring to release our bonds of fear, and to wholly follow our heart and explore our passions and Purpose?

What if, with those who seem, to us, to have discovered success and seem to be thriving, instead of us labeling them as outsiders who just don’t understand what the rest of us are going through, we consider them as the pioneers and examples for us, on how to continue to move forward in life without being limited and shackled by our challenges and fears?

What if, instead of listening to our lizards, who want us to stay small and scared, and want us to believe we can’t reach happiness and contentment, and can only get hurt trying; what if, instead, we risk doing one thing a day aligned with what we believe, with our Truth, with something we believe will bring us joy.  If we only dare to try.

What if we understand that those very people who have broken free from their fears, smallness, self-doubts, and self-pity are actually members of a new group, full of light, hope, and power?  That they care about us, still, but can’t understand staying stuck; refuse to go back.  That they Lead Forward with Love, and they want us to try, too.


So, Dear One, here is a Prompt for you to consider:

What is a small risk you will do today, that is aligned with your beliefs; that would fill you with joy?

Perhaps meditating, practicing gratitude, singing, or cooking – something practiced with full attention.

Maybe it’s a forgiveness meditation, or five minutes of opening your heart to allow tears of sorrow to release.

In some way, dare to honor yourself today with some brave, loving action.


Daring to live Fully, my Spirit Guides!  Deep breath, and then Onward!

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