July 27, 2016—Day 208 (WD 489)

Sunrise Pages July

Journeying into the Brand New Day, Dear Creator!

I’m rising early today, with the sun still low in the sky and painting beautiful, long shadows westward.  The sun still rose before I did, but I love the angle of light at this early time of day.  And, I’m treated this morning to goldfinches flitting around, playing and chasing one another.

I’ll give last night’s rest 3 out of 5.  I slept through the night, but not nearly long enough, so I already have a heaviness and feeling of depletion.  Perhaps a nap this afternoon will counteract this.

There’s no time to rest this morning, though, because I am once again moving directly toward a thing I fear.  I have chosen to address my concerns and questions about kayak rescue by practicing it on open water.  Or, maybe in open water is more appropriate.  Because, I will be getting wet!

Rather than feeling unsure, I discussed my concerns with my ODS Lead, and I told him I desired to practice my rescues, in order to resolve my doubts and concerns.  He generously agreed to work with me this morning, and I think he appreciates me taking this step in my training.

My mentor, Martha Beck, says that the way we do anything is the way we do everything.  For so much of my life, I would see concerns and doubts, like the ones I have now, as weaknesses and faults, and I would do everything to disguise and hide them from others, and to avoid confronting them in my life.  And so, my life and my world shrank and shrank, and everything became scary and beyond my perceived abilities.

Since saying yes to marriage, and yes to life coach training, yes to moving and to finding work with L.L. Bean, and most especially since saying yes to posting these Sunrise Pages each day – I walk directly toward my doubts and fears, willing to investigate and resolve them; to learn the Truth, and not just my fear’s version of the story.  I grow as I practice, and my life continues to expand!


Dear One, please consider Today’s Prompt:

Identify at least three areas in your life where you doubt yourself and see yourself as weak.  Can you recognize times when you have tried to avoid or hide these weaknesses and doubts?

What would it take to own one of these weaknesses in order to walk directly toward it, and to practice it, in order to get stronger?


Practicing Not Yet, my Loving Guides – Thank You for your buoyancy of My Spirit!

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