July 17, 2016—Day 198 (WD 479)

Sunrise Pages July

Sunset on Another Adventure, Dear Guides!

Away we went for a few days, to the beautiful area around Lake Champlain.  What a wonderful time we had – making acquaintances each morning around the breakfast table of the Bed & Breakfast where we stayed, visiting some museums and natural sites, watching storm clouds and sunsets over the lake and mountains, going for an evening swim after a long day of walking.

Granted, we were celebrating that five year anniversary of ours, but our time in this area felt more inviting, more like home – and, it felt different to come back to what we are currently calling home.

So – what does that all mean?  Well, that will take some sorting out, as they say.

We begin by unpacking, doing some laundry, and going through the accumulated mail.

Really, though, I see things continuing to shift.  As I mentioned recently, I think it’s time that I continue taking one flowing step after another, building momentum.  Not one step, and then stop and let my old habits and fears catch up.  It’s time for step after step after step.

I think with the old process, I would take that step and then stop, waiting and evaluating whether I had really made it; whether I was really going to be okay.  So much self-doubt; so much fear.

By that time, I’d have lost any momentum, and my nerve, and I’d be starting from zero again.

It’s time to step, and keep on stepping.  If I’m happy, I’m okay.  If I’m moving, I’m okay.

There’s a reason we took this time away together.  There’s a reason we headed where we did.  There’s a reason we enjoyed ourselves so much.  There’s a reason it felt so good!


A Prompt, Dear One, for you to consider:

Have you given yourself an artist’s date yet?  Have you scheduled an appointment with yourself, to play and express yourself creatively?

If you have, what happened?  Please, share a bit of your date with us in the comments!  Tell others what they’re missing!


Guides, thank you for your Abundant Love!

Please, Join In and Share--