July 14, 2016—Day 195 (WD 476)

Sunrise Pages July

Wonderful Morning, My Guiding Spirits!

Aham Prema – I am Love.  It’s a mantra I’ve learned (and one that’s short enough for me to remember) that serves me in many situations.  I’ve used it often in the past to help me find calm when I’ve felt anxious.  Driving to a job interview, or to that first day on the job, I would pair my breathing to the repetition of this mantra, and I would remind myself that all would be well, and as it should, in the eagle view perspective of my life.

Aham Prema was waiting for me here, to be written on this page this morning.  It’s a different energy, though, serving a different function.

After all, what does that mean? – I am Love.  When I am anxious, it reminds me of my power to choose either Love or Fear.Fear or Love

But, the magic is that choice in each and every moment, to always choose Love, to always Be Love.

It gets really simple when I’m guided by just being the most loving being I can be.  Some moments, that may mean not very loving.  But, even within that, if I follow my heart to be as loving as I can be, I will be well, and it will be enough.

Simply being the most loving I can be guides me to self-love and self-care, nudges me to forgiveness of others and myself, opens me to kindness and compassion for all our struggles, and delivers me the connections and community that we need to be whole.

Yesterday, Dear One, was a full, satisfying day!  I had an amazing coaching session, hiked a new trail with my wife, and led the sacred circle of our Bewilderment Book Club.

I was pure, full heart, and it was all fulfilling.

I keep repeating Aham Prema this morning, in my mind as I’m writing.  That is what yesterday felt like, and here is where I am.

Here’s a perspective I wish to share with you, Dear One.  A coaching conversation, for me, is most like ad-lib comedy or jazz improvisation.

There is no script.  I’m guided by my curiosity and intuition to ask clarifying questions, having no idea what answers I’ll hear.  Or, where the conversation will go.

In that way, the coaching conversation is like the improvised solo, or even these Sunrise Pages.  At my best, I open up, dropping all my notions and ideas, and I just join the sacred space we are holding.  I listen with my heart, following that guidance in curiosity and creativity.  Always moving in the direction of Love.

Offering Love.  Holding Love.  Being Love.

I want the world to be a loving place, but I can’t make it be a loving place.  We can’t legislate or demand love.

That is just as true in the smaller circles of our immediate life.  We can’t force love to happen; to be.  And, at the root of that forcing is fear.

What we can do is Be Loving.  Choose Love.  Love ourselves, and then radiate loving-kindness.  The Love and Kindness that we create and hold around us registers in those with whom we interact, and creates shifts in them, as well.

This is the Magic that we hold.  We can’t make others love, or make the world love.  But, we can Be Loving, Love All and Ourselves, and accept and value the Love we receive.


So, Today’s Prompt:

Remember the Compassion exercise?  Let’s revisit that.

Start with yourself – offer yourself loving-kindness.  If any transgression comes up that interferes with your compassion, then forgive it.

Repeat this to yourself – “Myself, I am loved, and may I be well.  I forgive myself, and see myself surrounded by the healing Light of Love.”

Once you have done this for yourself, repeat it for your loved ones, and then offer loving-kindness to strangers in the world.

Finally, offer loving-kindness to those who most challenge, frustrate, or hurt you.  When you can offer them loving-kindness, you free yourself.


I am Love, Joyful Creator, and All is Well!  Buen Camino!

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