July 11, 2016—Day 192 (WD 473)

Sunrise Pages July

A Bright, New Day, Dear Creator!

The sun is shining, and the wind is blowing, as hot weather makes its return.  So, I guess summer is back!

I had the chance yesterday to spend time with my Bean colleagues at an employee outing for our store.  Our ODS crew invited them out to paddleboard, kayak (which I led), or fly-cast in our Discovery classes.

Then, we had a cook-out, so people brought pot-luck dishes, and we had the opportunity to relax and spend some fun time together.  People chatted and laughed, and we even played some bocce.

The weather was cool, and the forecast was threatening, so I think that kept some people away, but we had a good fifteen or so employees, spouses, and friends under our tents and tarps.

The rain held off for our Discovery courses, so we actually had pristine conditions, with the added bonus of a great sunset lighting up the trees of the eastern riverbank under dramatic, stormy skies.

We caught a couple brief showers while we dined and chatted, but we had enough cover for everybody.  So, it worked out really well.

Community – what can I say?  It’s important.  I think we need to extend ourselves out, and build and sustain connections with those around us.

Like travel, experiencing community with those around us keeps us mindful of all that we have in common, helps be understanding and compassionate with our differences, and gives us the chance to practice being ourselves and sharing our voices.


On to Today’s Prompt:

Community – who are your neighbors?

Is there a summer festival or a farmers’ market that you can attend?  Or, maybe a local group hike or yoga class you can join?

Being with our neighbors in experiences that are positive and fun imbues us with that energy.  We get to know our neighbors, they get to know us, and we learn a little more about ourselves.


All for all, Always – My Dear Guides!  Thank You!

Please, Join In and Share--