July 5, 2016—Day 186 (WD 467)

Sunrise Pages July

Thank You for the Invitation, O Wondrous Day!

What a different sky this morning.  It’s a baby blue sky, painted with long, thin swaths of white billowiness that partly occlude the sun.  It’s supposed to get hot the next few days.

I again find myself missing the space in Montreal that I had for writing my Sunrise Pages.  I’ve written them in different places, as we’ve traveled and after we moved; but, comfortable outdoor spaces are appreciated.  Being in the energy of the morning – feeling the breezes, and the air; hearing the sounds of human activity, as well as the daily rituals of the neighborhood birds and animals; feeling and seeing the dance of sunlight among the clouds.  Welcome, Morning – I feel your Heartbeat!

I went for a run yesterday.  That was something.  It was only two miles, but it felt pretty good.  I had a stretch of road all to myself where I enjoyed the birds zipping around their little wetlands, and I spied a groundhog hanging out in the short grass on the wetlands’ edge.

There was a yard with a beautiful young black dog and, I assume, an invisible fence.  I ran past the dog and the yard on my way out and back.  On my way out, the dog picked me up at the nearest corner of its yard and tracked me across to the driveway.  It did not make a sound.

On my way back, the dog was waiting for me on the driveway, again at the corner nearest my approach.  Again, it soundlessly tracked me across its yard.

Suddenly, I felt a surge of adrenaline and electricity shoot through me, and I instinctively pulled in my hand as I heard a growl and movement toward me!

My mind had drifted away from the present, and the dog’s presence; but, its bark snapped me back.  I’m not sure why the dog would bark.  I had already run past once, with no reaction whatsoever.

I took it as a wake-up call to be present.  Thanks, dog!


Today, I offer you this Prompt:

Have you been getting outside?  Visiting your sit spot?  Doing any of the things that you know would give you joy to do?

If you are, have you noticed a change in how you then experience the rest of your day?  Do those moments of delight buoy your spirit throughout your day?

If you have yet to prioritize attention to your needs and care, it’s never too late to start.  But, it’s your decision.

If you really want change in your life, you need to do something different.  Start with an easy, doable Turtle Step.  Start today.


To the dogs, birds, groundhogs, and all my other Guides.  Thanks for sharing our World!

Please, Join In and Share--