July 4, 2016—Day 185 (WD 466)

Sunrise Pages July

Bonjour, Generous Source!

With a light-blue sky, this morning, and not a cloud to be seen, the birds are singing and going about their daily chores.  The weather looks promising for the trail hike I’ll be co-leading tonight, to a viewpoint about the Connecticut River, where we can watch town fireworks.  Another adventure, another something (hiking at night) that I haven’t done before.

I have a new balance point, Dear One, which I’m noticing and will be practicing to maintain – my ego in what I do.

This most recent stretch of my journey has been about practicing risk and vulnerability and addressing my fears.  Certainly, since this year’s beginning, it’s been about continuous practice of risking vulnerability and stretching into My Unknown.

With each of these risk practices, whether successful or failing, I’ve celebrated my willingness and openness with a “YAY, me!”

Now, I just want to be careful not to drift into the realm of ego, thinking “Yay, ME!”  As if, alone, I am something more special, capable, and deserving than any other.

Because, I’m just not.

What I write isn’t special because I wrote it.  Others are more articulate, more artistic with language.

What I do isn’t special because I did it.  Others can do those same things better, more proficiently.

In all the things I’ve been doing, what is special, for me, is that I have found my connection to the Love of the Universe, and that connection has helped me to do all the things I’ve been doing, knowing that All would Be Well.

That is what is worth celebrating, for me.

What is special is that my action and my story, however stated, is out in the world, and may connect with someone else – with You, maybe – and encourage you on your own journey – to find your Connection to the Love of the Universe, to do new and brave things, knowing that All will Be Well.

All of our World is Unknown, in one sense, Dear One.  What will happen next year?  Next month?  In the next minute?  In so many ways, we can predict and expect; but, no matter how often we’re right – we never know for certain.

That can make us feel un-anchored, adrift – which can be unsettling.  When I’m in a kayak in a strong breeze or current, if I’m not paddling, the kayak is moved by other forces.  I can look at the waves around me and think I’m moving in one direction, and then look at the riverbank and see myself moving in the opposite direction in relation to land.  At first, that was disorienting and unsettling to me.

Now – first and foremost, I remind myself that I am in the kayak, and All is Well.  The rest I may not know, or may not be what it appears.  It is the experience; it is momentary.

I am Well.

And, again, I want to keep my ego in balance – it is not because of me that I am well.  It is a gift given to me by my heart; my internal Unconditional Love – which is directly wired to the Loving Flow and Grace of the Universe.

My ego has no control.  For example, in the past, when my ego thought I was broken and lost, unloved and unworthy – it was wrong.  Even then, I was well.  I was loved.  I was held with care and compassion.

Just waiting for me to awaken.


So – Today’s Prompt:

What is it you want to do with this day?

What is one thing that, if you did it, you would feel that today was successful?

Why not put that one thing at the top of your priorities for today, and align yourself to create success for yourself today!


Thank you for waiting for me, and Loving me, Dear Universe, and My Spirit Guides!

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