July 2, 2016—Day 183 (WD 464)

Sunrise Pages July

Namasté, Dear Creator –

It is evening on Saturday.  The wind is blowing, and there are big, puffy-white clouds in the blue sky overhead.

We attended a memorial service today.  Family gathered, many who had not seen each other in many years.  Tears were shed, and some laughter.

The gentleman who was remembered lived quite a remarkable life.  His story is not mine to tell; but, it was epic – full of sadness and loss, struggle and heartache, as well as determination, strength, and perseverance.  All held together by love.

It makes me wonder what I would do; how I would do.  It also makes me grateful for how good my life is, and for the fullness of my mind, body, and spirit.

I hope it’s a reminder that sticks – that health and contentment can shift in a heartbeat.  Even when we do all we can to try and be healthy, eat right, and live right – one accident, one lump, or one diagnosis can change what we thought we had.

There are all sorts of ailments, diseases, and disorders that so many face every day.  Please, let this person’s story remind me that we all have a story.  Let the burdens that I witnessed him carry remind me that at any moment, most everyone around me is burdened.

Let me be reminded, in my own suffering from my burdens, that I do not suffer alone.  That I can persevere.  That there still can be moments of lightness and wonder, of connection, of relief.

That, even when I am burdened, I get to choose how I respond, how I shoulder my burden.  And, even when burdened, I can still help lighten and relieve the burden of others.

And, in doing so, some of my weight may also be lifted.


Today, I offer you this Prompt:

As you go through today, if you find yourself angry, judgmental, or unbalanced by someone – maybe s/he cut you off in traffic, or was rude to you at your office, or some other episode – try to send love to her/him for any painful suffering s/he may be experiencing.

Without you needing to know what it is.  Unconditionally.

Wishing healing to others, without judgment, can ease your own heart and your own suffering.


Another Angel leading me home.  Rest, Dear Sir.  Thank you, all My Dear Guides!

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